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Psychotherapy • Psychoanalysis • Therapy for Couples

Therapy takes courage but can enable you to achieve remarkable and sustainable growth. My primary concern as a clinician is to be able to help you better navigate life’s challenges, better understand yourself and arrive at a freer and more satisfying life. I think you’ll find that, in the context of a collaborative therapeutic relationship, self-exploration can be transformative.

I am dedicated to working with people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and identities, and am well-versed particularly in work with creatives, ex-pats, transcultural couples, adult children of immigrants and third culture kids, bi-racial men and women, and queer-identified and non-binary individuals and their families.

My style is both attentive and engaged and built on a foundation of not only substantive training and many years of practice but also patience, empathy, curiosity, humor, and reliability. My areas of interest and expertise are wide ranging and include identity concerns, grief and loss, self-esteem problems, family conflict and estrangement, sexual difficulties, body image struggles, procrastination, and relationship issues.

I look forward to hearing from you.