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​I am dedicated to working with people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities, and am well-versed particularly in work with creatives, teachers, academics, transcultural couples, adult children of immigrants, and members of the LGBTQIA community.

My areas of interest and expertise are wide-ranging; my style is both attentive and engaged; I bring to my work not only substantive training and 20+ years of practice but also patience, empathy, curiosity, humor, and reliability.  

Therapy can enable you to achieve remarkable and sustainable growth.  You may want help to feel unstuck, to understand and process intense feelings, or to more comfortably connect with others.  You may need to work through trauma or grief, to build self-compassion, or to better recognize and change negative patterns.  Whatever we find ourselves needing to explore, my hope as a clinician is ultimately to work with you to arrive at a freer, less painful, and more satisfying life.


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