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Laptop and Heaphones


When the COVID-19 crisis began, both therapists and those seeking care had to quickly adapt and immediately switch to teletherapy.  Fortunately, I had for many years already been working via remote means with certain patients whose circumstances didn't allow for coming into my office. I knew from experience that therapy via video and/or phone had it's challenges but I also knew it could be meaningful and productive in the same way that in-person therapy can be.  I realize teletherapy may be new to you and that you may have some questions.  Let me answer a few of them here.

Is remote therapy effective?

Teletherapy works.  While being in a room together may in some cases be ideal, a sense of connection and trust can be built over video or phone.  Whatever the circumstances, I will bring to bear all my skills and you will have my careful listening and complete attention just as you would in my office.

How will I be able to maintain privacy for my sessions?

Privacy may require some problem solving and flexibility.  I see people who are in their cars, who have reserved a conference room, are walking through a park, or who have multiple white noise machines whooshing.  We can put our heads together to find a solution that works for you.  

Will our work always be virtual?

Teletherapy has been an invaluable resource during the pandemic and I will continue to provide all care virtually as long as safety concerns require I do so.  I am located in San Francisco so if you live in the Bay Area and want to come in to my office for sessions, I will look forward to seeing you in person when the time comes. I am licensed in New York and in California and see people all over the world; if you and I live at some distance I will happily work long-term via whichever remote means works best for you.

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